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Volkscentre Servicing - Keep it Simple

Choosing what type of service your car needs can seem complicated.

Factors affecting your decision include what size and type of engine your car has, your driving style, how many miles you do each year, how old your car is, and of course what the dashboard tells you.

Our aim is to keep it simple.

If you are doing under 10k miles a year, we recommend a full service every year.If you are doing more than 10k miles a year, long life servicing might be more appropriate. If in doubt, give us a call and we will advise you on a more individual basis.


Car still under warranty?

If your car is under 3 years old we will use original equipment parts and practices to maintain your manufacturers warranty.



At the Volkscentre we recognise the importance of using good quality parts. In order to offer you great value for money and a warranty on all parts and labour, we only ever use Genuine or Type Approved parts. Type Approved parts are branded products that meet the same quality specifications as Genuine parts. We have a wide range of parts on the shelf which means more often than not we have your car back on the road with one visit, usually on the same day.