Brake Replacement RSQ3

We’re replacing front brake discs and pads today for a client who is experiencing a brake judder. This can be caused by a warped disc, or scorring across the surface of the disc (ripple effect) as you can see here. The new disc is perfectly flat, there are no ridges for the brake pads to

VW Golf Silica Bag

Golf initially came in for a coolant leak, and no hot air coming through the heater vents in the car. We identified the main fault as the water pump leaking. However, as a result of this the cooling system has been overheating, causing the silica bag in the expansion tank to burst. Silicon has contaminated

A Day In Our Workshop

July 2020… 2016 VW Tiguan Full Service – Lovely straight forward start to the day! 2015 Audi A3 Front and rear brakes reported by another garage. We always like to check first but on this occasion the brake discs were badly corroded and the pads were quite low. Replaced discs and pads all round and

Window Problems

We see a lot of issues with electric window regulators, common symptoms include strange noises and windows not lifting properly. If you experience any of these things its best to not operate the window until you can get it repaired. Because occasionally the cable can snap, and the window will drop completely inside the door.